How to get listed

        First check and make sure your areas have not been taken already. First Come First Serve. If you fell someone has listed areas
        they are not actually covering let us know.

        To get listed you agree to hold Paladin, Inc.and its officers and employees harmless in anyway including mistakes and / or errors
        You agree to place our banner somewhere on the first page of you web site which would be visible without having to scroll down
        (see example). Since we intend not to list competing businesses against your business this placement should not hurt your business.
        Although at this time there is no charge for your listing, we intend at some point to charge a small amount for maintenance and search
        engine placement. Exchanging links alone should help both your site and ours in search engine rankings. We reserve the right for any
        reason to UN-LIST or select a competing business and remove yours at our discretion. This would include but is not limited to
        complaints received about your services.

Pick a banner and place on the front of your site. (Copy and run from your site do not link to it!)

More coming soon!

Copy and past then fill in the information and mail back to us! (Example)

Company name:
Insured: (y/n)
Web Site:
Contact Number:
Counties covered: